Elder Michael Cevering

Elder Michael Cevering
Puerto Rico, San Juan Mission

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 17, 2013

Hello! Our week was pretty great: we began teaching a woman named Mayra and her two sons who are both priesthood age. They were a reference from a member. Our first lesson was really spiritual: we talked about the restoration and the book of mormon, and she was really touched. She had a lot of really good questions, and in her prayer in the end she asked if it was true. The member was amazed at how spiritual the lesson was. The only sad part was that they didn't come to church because Mayra got a little bit drunk Saturday night. We're going to work with her on that. Another really cool thing happened when I was on an exchange with Elder Castaneda the week before this past one. We went to contact one of his potential investigators in the pueblo, and we ran right into a man who received a book of mormon about a year ago. He was really excited to see us because he had a lot of questions and the missionaries never passed by to see him again after their first visit. He was so interested, but really confused. He'd been reading things about reincarnation because he was confused by Christ's statement that all men must be born again. But he came to church yesterday and loved it. He told Elder Castaneda, "Just let me know when you think I'm ready and I'll be baptized." He asked a lot of funny questions in our gospel principles class. I was teaching about the Holy Ghost, and I was sharing a story about the time He had guided me. I asked a question at one point to which he responded, "Your spirit left you and flew to where you needed to be right?" haha. But he's a really cool guy and he's learning so much. He lives all the commandments already strictly through his beliefs and "research." We also worked more in the campo with Pablo--recent convert. He has a lot of friends and a desire to share the gospel with them. We met a friend of his who owned the biggest pigs I've ever seen in my life. They were like baby cows. Unfortunately our lesson with him wasn't really great: he was pretty stern about the fact that his uncle was the pastor of the church standing right next door. But we met some other really great friends of Pablo who we will definitely be going back to teach. Even more changes happened in the ward this week. The primary president and the young women president were both released and new people were called. The relief society received its two counselors. The first counselor in the bishopric was officially sustained by the ward. A lot of big steps for the ward that have me really excited. I'm grateful to be a part of it. There is a man who always asks for money at the traffic lights near our house. The other day I gave him 40 cents that was just hanging out in the car. He was so funny. He said, "Ah, thank you, holy brother. AMEN!" And continued asking for money. Haha. Puerto Rico. The respect that people have for the missionaries is a little bit weird honestly. But it's good. I love it. Their opinion of religion is kind of messed up though, but something really cool that I love here is the christian services up in the campo. One of our potential investigators lives up on this mountain ridge. All along this ridge there are houses, and there is a church further below. Well, we went to his house the other night with the bishop, and the investigator was just sitting out on his porch listening to the pastor. It was completely dark except for the house lights, but the microphones from the church are set up to reach the people up on the mountain. I thought it was a cool experience. We stood there and listened for a little bit. Just imagine that: up on this dark mountain listening to the church services from below. Really cool honestly. Well, I love you all! Elder Cevering

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