Elder Michael Cevering

Elder Michael Cevering
Puerto Rico, San Juan Mission

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Email May 13, 2013

We had a great time Skyping with Michael yesterday! He is doing really good and seemed very happy. He loves his mission president and is really enjoying his area and assignments. His email today is very short because of our visit on Sunday, but we wanted to ask you all to keep Michael in your prayers. He told us yesterday that he came down with Dengue and has been sick with it since his birthday (May 7th). As you know, Dengue can be very serious, and although he seems to have the more moderate strain and is recovering fine, he has been very sick. Please keep him in your prayers because I read that once they’ve contracted the mild/moderate form of Dengue, it increases their risk of having “severe” symptoms if they’re infected another strain of Dengue (there are 4 different strains). Oh, and a funny story to pass along… he told us that recently he was sleeping on the floor because they didn’t have enough beds for all the Elders in their apartment, and he woke up with a tarantula next to his sleeping bag…YIKES! He said it was gray and was as big as his hand! Michael HATES spiders! He hates the small ones we have here – imagine his reaction when he woke up to find a tarantula next to him! Haha! Wish we’d had a camera to capture his reaction! Thanks everyone for your prayers and support! His email wasn't very long this week because of our phone call, but I thought I would post it anyway. -Melanie Cevering (Michael's Mom)............... Hello! Even though we got to talk yesterday, I thought I'd just send some thoughts home from the week. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday: I am grateful to know of prayers and support in my behalf. We are having a lot of success right now in the campo. It has amazed me how the Lord has opened the doors to missionary work. I hope I have much more time to work here and really get this work going in this area of Carolina. One of my new goals is to start strengthening the ward members, that they can become shepherds. I know I won't be here forever, but I want to leave a legacy. What do I want them to say about me in Carolina in the years to come? I would just want them to say that with my help they were able to become Shepherds and missionaries. Love you all! Elder Cevering

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