Elder Michael Cevering

Elder Michael Cevering
Puerto Rico, San Juan Mission

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Elder Cevering Arrives in Puerto Rico

Hi Everyone, We have not heard from Michael since he called us from the airport on Monday as he left for Puerto Rico. But yesterday we received an email from his mission president with photos, letting us know that Michael made it there safely. Michael’s mission president looks like a super nice and happy guy! I love him just by looking at his picture! He looks like the most friendly man! And Michael looks happy, but tired! They were up at 2:00 AM Monday morning and didn’t arrive in Puerto Rico until 7:00 PM. Since we may not hear from him at all this week I’ll tell you some things he told me over the phone. First of all, he was extremely happy to be out of the MTC! He was going stir crazy and he hated the food there. He said that after 8 weeks of studying Spanish, it was getting hard to focus anymore. He called us from Dallas because in SLC he would have only had about 10 minutes or less to talk to us, but in Dallas he had a 3 ½ layover and we got to talk for about 30 minutes. He said when the announcement was made during General Conference (regarding the mission age had been changed from 19 to 18 for boys, and from 21 to 19 for girls), there was a HUGE cheer from all of the missionaries there. He was really excited and told me to let him know of anyone he went to school with, friends, family, etc., who decide to leave earlier than 19, or 21. I would love it if you would keep me posted so I can let Michael know. He was really excited about the change. From SLC to Dallas he said he sat by a lady from Guatemala and she was a member of the church. It made us wonder if she was here for General Conference or something because what are the chances of sitting by someone from Guatemala who is also a member of the church. He has been living with the mission president – in the mission home, since he arrived on Monday. Today he is supposed to move to his apartment with his new companion. We don’t know where he was assigned to, or anything about his companion, so we are anxious to receive an email from him! Although he misses his family and friends, he’s ready to ‘go to work’, and he’s very happy. As soon as we receive an email from him we will pass it along. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support (and letters!) for Michael! We all appreciate it! Melanie Cevering

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  1. The mission president is an amazing man! His whole family is! But I guess I'm just biased since he's my uncle...LOL